Why Mark One?

Well, for starters, we put the emphasis on people. We value the heck out of our employees and sales reps (except Ed – we’re not quite sure what to do with him).

We’ve also built a service that’s robust, yet flexible enough to meet the varied and evolving needs of our customers at any point in the manufacturing process, from initial concept to final end-customer delivery. This comprehensive experience and expertise allows our employees to gain tremendous amounts of experience in all aspects of business while also enabling Mark One sales reps to easily sell and more importantly, retain life-long loyal customers.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please inquire about any open positions available, or the process of becoming an independent sales rep for Mark One.

We were founded by a Sales Rep. We love Sales Reps. We appreciate our Sales Reps. And, we pay commissions for the life of any Program and we’re not afraid to put that in writing.

In short, Mark One is Rep friendly and always looking for great people to work with. Once you contact us, we trust you will consider our dynamic capabilities and unique value proposition that resonates with most customers, and make the great decision to join our team of professionals.

Please contact us at 419-628-4405 and ask for the Sales Representative Department.


What Solution Can We Manufacture For You?


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